Remote Visual
Assistance & Guidance

Discover the ultimate solution for guiding and assisting with physical tasks, now brought to you virtually from any location. Connect effortlessly, whether you're teaching, fixing, or creating.

How it works?

Instant Meeting

Quickly set up a meeting or generate a custom work order with just one click. The invitation link is instantly copied to your clipboard for easy sharing through your preferred chat application.

Use without App

Access meeting invitations instantly from any web browser on any device—no app installation required. Compatible with all phones, including Android and iOS.

Pointer or Drawing

Experts can guide and conduct walkthroughs using a virtual pointer and draw annotations during the meeting to quickly explain solutions or navigate through troubleshooting steps.

Push Remote Docs

Experts can push reference documents directly to participants' devices, navigate to specific pages or sections, and explain details using virtual pointers and drawing tools.

Freeze Screen & Bookmark

Freeze the meeting video for a clear, focused explanation. Save any frozen screens or annotated documents as bookmarks for easy reference later.

Notes & Data Entry

Participants can add updates or notes during or after the meeting. Enter relevant data using various formats, including custom forms, barcodes, GPS locations, or images.

Troubleshooting and Consultation

Versatile Use Cases: Perfect for home appliance repairs, IT setups, or creative home projects, our service is tailored to meet a variety of household needs.
Broad Industry Application: Benefit from expert guidance on automotive troubleshooting, architectural consultations, household maintenance, inspections, and audits.

  • Instant Expert Connection: Quickly connect with specialists via live video for real-time issue resolution.
  • Access Expert Knowledge: Tap into a network of professionals for specialized advice and technical support.
  • Interactive Visual Tools: Use virtual pointers and annotations directly on the live video to clarify guidance and instructions.
  • Seamless Document Collaboration: Share and annotate documents live, enhancing understanding and cooperation during consultations.
  • Collaborative Document Handling: Effortlessly share and annotate documents during live sessions for better comprehension.

Reskilling and Upskilling

Ad-Hoc Skill Enhancement: Connect for instant, practical learning in automotive, household, and small business tasks.
Economic Collaboration: Foster a shared economic model, enhancing earnings and skills through short-term, collaborative interactions.

  • Instant Expert Access: Quickly connect with freelance experts for ad-hoc guidance on household repairs, automotive work, and more.
  • On-the-Go Learning: Address specific needs with short, targeted sessions—perfect for fast fixes and urgent skill acquisition.
  • Flexible Expertise Sharing: Gain hands-on advice and oversight from freelancers in real-time, ideal for small businesses and handyman tasks.
  • Collaborative Earning and Learning: Join a platform where field workers share profits and knowledge with online experts during brief, collaborative exchanges.
  • Task-Specific Support: Get immediate help for pressing challenges, learning essential skills from freelancers exactly when needed.

Who all can benefit?

Same platform - multiple use cases.

Field Technicians

Remote Assistance

Immediate expert guidance allows field technicians to resolve issues on the spot, reducing downtime significantly. This enhances overall field efficiency and ensures high-quality service delivery.

Freelance Professionals

Remote Assistance

Freelancers in various trades such as plumbing, electrical work, and IT can utilize the platform to quickly consult with experts, helping them tackle more complex projects and expand their service offerings.

Small Business Owners

Remote Assistance

Small business owners, particularly in the retail and service sectors, can benefit from quick, expert advice on operations, technology, and customer service, improving business operations without the need for full-time professional staff.

DIY Enthusiasts

Remote Assistance

DIY enthusiasts often need guidance and confirmation when taking on new or complex projects. Access to real-time expert advice ensures projects are completed successfully and safely.

Automotive Mechanics

Remote Assistance

Automotive mechanics benefit from second opinions on diagnostics and repair procedures, helping them avoid costly errors. This improves repair accuracy and enhances their reputation for reliability.


Remote Assistance

Homeowners receive expert guidance on maintenance or renovation projects, saving the costs associated with hiring full-time professionals. This ensures projects are done correctly and efficiently.

Artisans and Craftsmen

Remote Assistance

Artisans and craftsmen can learn new techniques and enhance their skills through expert guidance. This expansion of their capabilities leads to increased creativity and marketability of their work.

Event Planners and Coordinators

Remote Assistance

Event planners can get on-the-spot advice for overcoming logistical challenges, ensuring their events run smoothly. This expert input helps maintain a professional standard and improve client satisfaction.

Small Business Customer Support

Remote Assistance

Small businesses can resolve customer issues in real-time, improving their service response without needing physical visits. This enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Last-Mile Service Providers

Remote Assistance

Last-mile service providers can quickly address challenges at the customer's location with expert guidance. This improves service efficiency and customer satisfaction by providing timely solutions.

Remote Management and Training

Remote Assistance

Businesses can remotely manage and train staff or franchisees, ensuring consistent service quality across different locations. This reduces travel expenses and allows for scalable growth.

Emergency Support Services

Remote Assistance

Emergency support services can provide immediate assistance, minimizing downtime and reducing potential losses. This ensures critical issues are addressed swiftly and effectively.

Quality Assurance and Compliance Checks

Remote Assistance

Companies can conduct virtual quality assurance and compliance checks, saving time and operational costs. This ensures standards are maintained without the need for frequent on-site visits.

Technicians and Handymen

Remote Assistance

Technicians and handymen receive real-time guidance on repair and maintenance tasks, increasing their efficiency and service quality. This helps them handle a wider range of issues competently.

Educational Institutions

Remote Assistance

Educational institutions can offer practical, real-world training to students through remote expert interactions. This enriches the learning experience and better prepares students for their careers.


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Features and integrations



  • Use in any browser - no app installation
  • Low bandwidth calling
  • Remote Drawing
  • Remote Virtual Pointer
  • Freeze video & explain
  • Live Chat & notes
  • Asynchronous & offline collaboration



  • Custom workflow for your tickets
  • External Ticketing system integration
  • Integrate with existing identity or LDAP service
  • Integrate APIs or webhooks with your server and data
  • Document conversion of knowledge base items
  • Dynamic Form builder
  • Session analytics
  • Cloud Recording

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are top frequently asked questions. If you have any other question, please feel free to reach out to us on

  • What is remote visual assistance?

    Remote visual assistance enables experts to guide users through tasks in real-time by viewing the user’s phone camera directly. By using video technology and annotations within the shared visual context, experts deliver precise, hands-on support from anywhere, without physical presence.

  • How different it is from regular video calling applications?

    Our platform offers specialized tools like virtual pointers, on-screen annotations, and features like pushing documents remotely. Additionally, you can bookmark important steps for later reference, making it ideal for professional, ad-hoc problem-solving and efficient knowledge sharing.

  • No, you do not need to install an app. Our platform is accessible directly through any web browser on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, making it convenient and easy to use without additional downloads.

  • Bookmarks capture screenshots of the video or document with annotations, allowing you to quickly revisit key moments and steps any time after meeting. This is faster and more efficient than sifting through traditional video recordings.

  • Experts can push documents directly to your device during a session. They can navigate to specific pages or positions within the document, guiding you with precise annotations and instructions. This ensures you’re always on the same page, enhancing clarity and efficiency in problem-solving.

  • No, our platform uses live video assistance, allowing experts to see and guide you through your device's back camera. This approach is tailored to your specific needs and context, and it is less network-intensive compared to traditional screen sharing, providing a smoother experience even with lower bandwidth.